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Electric Fireplace M – zero pollution

Electric Fireplace M! Modern Flames want’s to be the innovative manufactor of electric fireplaces. As a result of Modern Flames high quality work a big number of award winning fireplaces have been put into market. The CLX series offers an ultimate combination of versatility and design.  All Modern Flames fireplaces constantly receive upgrades with improved look. So take a good look in tomorrows technology today!

Modern Flames upgraded fireplace features a sweet colour changing from orange to blue flame. The contrast between the colours makes a reason to year around use. A thermostat placed in the fireplace sets easy the temperature in your room to suite your needs. Most noteworthy is the 2 styles of media that are included.  Coals and glacier diamond glass easily changing the look of your fireplace.

CLX series is probably the most optimal addition to any hotel, casino, office or restaurant. The modern home requires a Modern Flames fireplace.

Touch Screen Technology:

Below the flame on the right hand side you find the touch control. The 3 stacked icons (in order) operate the power, heat (on/off) and light intensity.

Modern Flames Electric Fireplaces M

Modern Flames can fill the gap between gas fireplace and smoke free solutions. We offer a problem free fireplace solution.

Electric Fireplaces are easy to use. Because of the easy installation they are fast to get going. They are easy to maintain and with it’s great design this efficient electric fireplaces comforts you all day in the week. Modern Flames electric fireplace starts to work the moment you plug it in. This is easy to install fireplace with realistic full flame viewing area gives a lot of joy. As an additional all fireplaces are vent and smoke free. That makes them just greater. Modern Flames is the healthy solution for all who loves sustainable fireplaces.

Modern Flames proudly presents the most realistic electric fireplace in the market with a natural electric flame. As a result of the zero-emissions heat, magic flame and the energy-efficient system it is environment friendly at the same time. Modern Flames is probably the greatest alternative to a gas or traditional fireplace. Since it is equipped with Touch Screen Technology and Multiple Flame Colors we can promise our clients an exceptional good solution for any Residential or Commercial setting. Modern Flames offers the largest built-in electric fireplace of its kind. Enjoy!

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